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      Our Story

      Adorn is the dream-child of owner Whitney Eslicker who desired to create a wonderfully colorful boutique overflowing with personal touches, unique gifts, and  joyfully festive holiday décor.  Welcome to our whimsical, glittery world!

      It all began when Whitney, humming along to her favorite Christmas tune and hanging ornaments on a tree, probably at Easter or some other off-Christmas time of year, decided there was a vacancy in her beloved city of Tulsa for a shop offering the  unique holiday experiences of stores long closed that she visited as a child. 

      With glitter and unicorns in their eyes, Team Adorn began filling the shop with floral and holiday creations, home goods, and gifts sure to make even the most discerning eye sparkle with delight.  

      The Adorn dream is to welcome each and every customer through the door into a whimsical wonderland of décor and product. Our hope is that each new friend leaves with a smile and so excited for their next visit to our sparkly, festive world.  


      Meet the Team